Our story began with a new puppy, a new dog mom, and an inspired idea for a better-looking dog bed, but it started long ago with hand-painted shells and a cute bunny

From Shells to Dog Beds

You could always find Rachel selling stuff at the top of her street, from lemonade, jewelry, candy, and shells that she hand-painted. She was a girl full of fire, fun, and vision, with a deep love for animals.

Fast forward 20 years, Rachel founded her own brand, Georgie's Day, creating beautiful dog beds with her adorable Chihuahua, Georgie. She is not only interested in selling a product but also in making a real difference in the lives of dogs in need.

Georgie's Day Dog Beds Founder

Meet the Founder

I started Georgie’s Day with one goal: to create beautiful dog beds for dog lovers who value style while also meeting the needs of their dogs with fashion forward designs, high quality fabrics, and intentionally designed products that compliment your home decor.

— Rachel Riley, Founder

More Than a Dog Bed

It's important to us that all dogs get to sleep in a comfortable, clean, and beautiful dog bed. We understand how crucial this is for the quality of life for humans, so dogs deserve the same.

When you purchase a Georgie's Day dog bed for your dog, you are contributing to helping another dog in need all around the world. We donate 1 dog bed for every 10 dog beds purchased to various humane societies and dog rescues.

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